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Eponic Mobile V8 now for iPhone

Eponic Corp has been working with Business Improvement Districts for 10 years, developing a comprehensive suite of applications to get the most out of your mobile workforce.

Eponic Mobile V8 Features:

Log Entry Tracking

Safety, Cleaning, Maintenance, Homeless Outreach and Hospitality Programs, Eponic Corp. provides the tools to improve performance and offers detailed metrics to track, analyze, map and report to stake-holders what your team is actually accomplishing.

Homeless Outreach

Mobile tools for a challenging mission. Working with the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, Eponic Corp. extended its hand-held log tracking platform to assist the DSP's Homeless Navigators mission to connect over 1,600 homeless individuals with local community service programs, facilitating access to care, and identifying solutions to improve clients living conditions and quality of life.


Visibility, accountability, responsiveness are keys to managing your mobile operations, even more so if you are contracting a third party. Eponic provides the tools that not only measure team performance but more importantly identify trends before they become problems.

Live Work-Orders

Send immediate requests to the field, generate ticket tracking numbers and create aging-reports to see how fast your team or outside agencies are closing the loop.

BOLO and Geo-Restricted Lists

Keep a mobile database of your frequent offenders or people that you have geo-restricted from your downtown. Update with photos from law enforcement BOLO (Be On the Look Out) lists of criminals or suspicious persons.

Business Database

With a listing of every business in your BID on their mobile devices, calls to base are reduced and the team is more responsive to visitors to the downtown. Your feet on the street become the conduit for keeping the business databases relevant, updating changes in the field, tracking vacant space and keeping the BackOffice in synch.


Use your team to run quick intercept surveys. Where are our visitors coming from, do they plan to spend the night, what are their impressions of the downtown, parking, way-finding or quality of life. Many possibilities.

Online Trending Reports

Simple yet powerful, dynamically create reports and map the results on any data that the team collects. Managers can access the secure reporting system from anywhere with internet access.

Now on iPhone

Print your own barcodes and track the frequency and the movements of your team. Simple to maintain, place them anywhere you want to verify the rounds, useful in places that GPS doesn't reach.

Enhanced Multimedia
Use photo sequences and video to show- case your team's work. Take Before and After shots to tell the story - generate reports and email them directly to stake- holders.

Eponic Network

Leveraging multiple, tier-one data centers, best-in-class backup procedures, high avail- ability access (24/7), the Eponic Network, supports over 500 users from Boston to Los Angeles. The platform is battle-proven, processing millions of log entries, photos and updates. Constantly expanding with our best ideas coming from our network of clients.
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