Eponic BackOffice tackles your challenging day-to-day by seamlessly integrating your contacts, properties, street-level businesses and tax assessment.

Eponic BackOffice

CRM & Stakeholder Management

Customer Relationship Management Solutions that help you navigate the challenging waters of dealing with demanding stakeholders. We worked with some of the largest Business Improvement Districts, Los Angeles, Boston & New York City, to develop an office-wide solution for quickly identifying customers, tracking interactions and organizing them for follow-up action.

Affinity Groups

Tools to organize your customers into different Affinity Groups - Board Members, Downtown Security Mangers, the Retail Committee, Annual Golf Fund-raising Organizers. Easy export to email campaign mangers: IContact and Constant Contact

Property Management

Quickly search and review interactions with property owners. Staff interaction history is documented and always available for review. Building, Property and Parcel details are simply organized so any team member can identify the salient issues and record updates.

Eponic BackOffice Network

Leveraging multiple, tier-one data centers and best-in-class backup procedures the Eponic Back Office platform is enterprise solid. The cloud based system is designed for rapid setup, quick implementation, minimal client IT requirements, with an extensible architecture for easy customization.

Tax Assessment

Whether simply calculated or a Rubik's cube of assessment procedures and business rules, we will programmatically break down the process for a streamlined, easy-to-follow solution.

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