What Makes Cities Great ...
When we think of great cities, aspirational places with great restaurants, vibrant nightlife, exciting culture & events, unique architecture, robust economic engines and a thriving downtown core come to mind. But underlying these exciting high-notes are the not so obvious fundamentals that are required to attain greatness.

City managers and downtown business leaders are all too familiar with the baseline requirements; revolving around the mundane, borderline tedious, yet in no way way simple or easy to execute. Effective Safety, Cleaning, Maintenance, Homeless Outreach and Stakeholder Management programs are core to the success of a great downtown.

In Eponic Corp's ten years of working with downtowns we have had the opportunity to work with inspirational leaders who focus on the critical details that lead to winning downtown programs and initiatives. Our mission is to create the tools and technological platform that enables these programs to run smoothly and ultimately successfully.
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